Phishing is a cyber attack that
uses fake emails or SMS

Through different simulated phishing attacks, with increasing levels of difficulty, you can find out
if your employees and collaborators are able to recognise a cyber attack received via e-mail or SMS.
Cyber attacks causing financial damages 95%
Severe cyber incidents due to human errors 90%
Phishing attacks trend 2017-2021 70%

Data source: Cyber Security Intelligence Index 2021 (IBM), Data breach investigations report 2021 (Verizon) and Clusit report 2021

CyLock’s Anti-Phishing program allows users to evaluate and improve their ability to recognise and avoid phishing attacks.

Almost all security incidents result from human errors: not recognizing phishing threats means leaving your company prey to cybercriminals, with consequences such as days of inactivity or permanent data unavailability. Loss of information and denial of functionality/service often leads to severe business downsizing for months after the attack.

With CyLock’s Anti-Phishing system, every member of the organisation, from employees to executives, can increase their ability to respond to sneaky attacks via e-mail and SMS: preventing system attacks is a duty of all workers as human factor of the cyber security value chain.

How does it work?

Users’ task is very easy, just enter the list of e-mail addresses or telephone numbers to be tested and it’s done: the program will periodically send phishing e-mails and SMS to this target, with an increasing level of difficulty.

During the testing period, users will have to face the challenge of receiving increasingly accurate e-mails and SMS and avoid falling into the traps hidden within them: we will of course operate in a protected environment, without real repercussions on your company and in full compliance with current legislation.

At the end of the test, we will provide a report that will show results obtained and the organisation’s ability to contrast phishing events, which is actually recognised as the greatest challenge ever in the cyber security field.

What are the advantages of the Anti-Phishing service?

CyLock’s Anti-Phishing system allows you to accurately check your staff’s level of readiness to cyber attacks via e-mail and SMS. It is effortless to use and rapid to configure: just list your targets and the program will run the test, becoming less and less recognisable as phishing during its execution.

At the end of the program, the organisation will have CyLock’s Anti-Phishing report, with results obtained and remedies to any critical issues encountered.

Service delivery times

The test is performed over a quarter and includes 5 e-mails or SMS messages per target user that simulate phishing attacks.

Reports are updated on a monthly basis.

How much does it cost?

The service is offered at 99 €/month (VAT excluded) with 12 months subscription. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the contract within 3 months at no additional cost.

Note that CyLock base plan at only 99 €/month (VAT excluded) includes the entire CyLock Anti-Hacker + Anti-Phishing system!