More than a Vulnerability Assessment, Safer than a Penetration Test

Extended VA for only €39

instead of €180

Discover immediately how many vulnerabilities affect your target

Artificial Intelligence for cybersecurity tests

Thanks to AI, CyLock self-configures, simulanting thousands of targeted attacks with speed and accuracy

Quick and accurate website vulnerability assessment

CyLock EVA tests any IT system. It simulates thousands of attacks executing quick and accurate penetration tests

Phishing simulation on business email addresses

CyLock simulates phishing attacks with increasing difficulty levels, discovering if people are able to recognise a phishing attempt

Secure VA tool and certified report

CyLock is 100% secure: our penetration tests are certified by certified ethical hacker and are valid for ISO 27001

Cylock software can protect your company's network

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CyLock: 360° protection for your company's network

VA testing in 1 click

CyLock EVA executes vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to test business IT systems and find weaknesses in your company’s network or website.

Data in your dashboard are constantly updated, so that you can monitor with just one click your overall risk level and make the best decisions for your business. 

VA in 1 Clic


Human factor

CyLock Anti-Phishing is an out-and-out training to test human resources’ ability to respond to intrusion and data theft attempts through phshing e-mails.

We simulate several deception attemptes, harder and harder to identify, providing reports on how your organisation performs in the anti-phishing drill.

Cyber Security Awarness in 1 Click

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The Virtual Ethical Hacker to test websites' security

Report to continuously monitor your company's cyber security

Companies that don’t test periodically their digital tools and their staff’s skills are more exposed to the risk of cyber attacks, such as ransoms that jeopardise business operation, data and document theft, stop of e-commerce sales or payment processing. Secure your company with our tests, they are programmed to test periodically your systems.  

Zero risks with Extended VA tool

Our tests are non-intrusive! Our patented method CyLock AnEVA allows  to simulate the behaviour of an attacker with no impact on your systems. Consequences are only positive: we’ll also test your company’s response level to phishing attacks with targeted simulations and tools designed to cause no risks.

Exploit scanner for companies and system integrators

Thanks to CyLock Anti-Hacker’s patented system, companies can test employees and IT networks to find and eliminate vulnerabilities. System integrators can test: websites, e-commerces, apps, e-mails, IT systems, business networks, servers and ERPs. 

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