Our services

With CyLock services we can help you
make your IT systems more secure
and keep everything under control


Thanks to the Fix-IT service, your organization can receive remote assistance to remedy the vulnerabilities identified with the Anti-Hacker test. 

Threath intelligence

With the threat intelligence service we help you find out if, due to the vulnerabilities found, your data has already been stolen and if it is for sale online.

Custom penetration test

The vulnerabilities identified with CyLock Anti-Hacker can be only the tip of the iceberg: a custom, and therefore even more thorough, test on your IT infrastructure will allow you to find all the weaknesses of your system.

Data breach management

The service allows you to access a wizard that explains what to do in the event of a breach of company data, from the basic choices to the mandatory obligations provided for by the GDPR and the Privacy Code.

Talk to an expert

A certified expert in cyber security or privacy legislation will be at your disposal to answer all your questions on these issues.


Thanks to our online video courses you can access, whenever and wherever you want, the necessary training to protect yourself from hacker and phishing attacks.

Privacy logs

With a simple and intuitive wizard you can draft the mandatory privacy records required by the GDPR legislation.

Privacy & cookie policy

Through a guided path, you will fill in the key information to be able to obtain a GDPR-proof privacy & cookie policy.

GDPR acts and policies

CyLock’s platform allows you to automatically generate the essential acts and procedures required by the GDPR, in order to comply with the legal obligations provided for by the legislation.

Custom GDPR

With our group of GDPR certified experts, you can carry out an operating path to privacy compliance, including privacy impact assessments (DPIAs) and risk assessments.