Prevent hacker attacks
with CyLock's Anti-Hacker test

Through the simulation of a real hacker attack we will identify the vulnerabilities
that can allow a cybercriminal to harm your company
Increase in serious attacks since 2017 66%
Successful attacks with high or critical impact 56%
Attacks with ransom requests 29%

Data on hacker attacks from Clusit 2021 report

CyLock’s Anti-Hacker program constantly monitors corporate security to identify weaknesses in the organization’s network or web space. Every month we will send you the report of the attack simulations and update the data on your control panel so you can monitor, with just one click, your systems’ level of security.

CyLock’s AntiHacker service aims at increasing corporate IT systems’ level of security to allow them to adequately resist external attacks. It is ideal to implement IT security in companies even by non-specialized users: entrepreneurs, professionals, managers and non-technical staff. CyLock’s report and control panel are designed to be easily understood even by non-experts in computer science and cybersecurity.

How does that work?

CyLock’s AntiHacker is a software developed by our researchers to allow you to analyse corporate IT security from a hacker’s point of view and proposes the most effective remedies to avoid possible attacks.

Its activity involves the use of proprietary software, developed by CyLock’s team, that performs simultaneously multiple VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests) based on the cybersecurity methodologies and world standards OWASP and OSSTMM, performing the typical activity of an ethical hacker in a shorter time.

The task is elaborate on CyLock’s side, but for the users it’s child’s play: they just have to enter their website’s URL, the IP address of the PC or server to be tested and they’re done! At the end of the activity, CyLock’s web dashboard will report the analysis’ results and the applicable remedies, in a way that is clear and understandable to everyone.

What are the advantages of the Anti-Hacker service?

CyLock allows you to test and manage cybersecurity in your organisation fully automatically, online and 24/7, to make sound decisions and find remedies to your vulnerabilities without being a technical expert.

Today, in the cybersecurity field, there is a wide information asymmetry between technicians and non-technicians, but specialized technicians are a scarce resource on the market and absent in almost all SMEs. The information bias remains even after the intervention of a specialized technician, due to the ultra-specialised reports and proposed remedies: their acceptance and implementation by the organisation often takes place in almost absolute unawareness.

CyLock provides an online dashboard through which it allows SMEs to overcome this gap and have data and system security under control, through multi-level information and different action possibilities to remedy identified critical points.

Finally, thanks to the possibility of requesting remote support video calls or accessing the vulnerability remote remedy service (Fix-IT service), CyLock allows users to experience utmost awareness in the cybersecurity field, even when in need for strategic choices, thanks to our team of experts.

No technicalities, just a space to manage your data’s security with a finger!

Service delivery times

The report is provided within 24 hours of the end of the Anti-Hacker test. 

Online automatic services available today carry out tests and provide reports in a few minutes, but they are very superficial and of very little value, moreover they often contain incomprehensible outputs for non-specialized personnel.

CyLock Anti-Hacker, on the other hand, takes several hours to complete the attack simulation. This is because in-depth analyses are carried out accurately and with higher testing tools quality, the elaboration also depends on the complexity of the network or online domain to be verified. Following the processing of the results, our MAS Opsec, eWPT, eCPPT and CISM certified ethical hackers proceed with their verification and elaborate the most suitable remedies for the verified vulnerabilities.

How much does it cost?

The service is offered at 99 €/month (VAT excluded) with 12 months subscription. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel the contract within 3 months at no additional cost.

Note that CyLock base plan at only 99 €/month (VAT excluded) includes the entire CyLock Anti-Hacker + Anti-Phishing system!